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Emma Mattress Review 2024 → #1 Mattress In A Box, Soft Yet Firm

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About Emma Mattress

Who misses a restful night’s sleep? We know your days have been messed up recently. So, let’s relax your back with Emma Mattress!

Emma Mattress Review: About Emma Mattress
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Your mattress quality affects your sleep quality. Do you agree with that? Thus, let’s only get the super-soft and cozy mattresses here.

Furthermore, do you know how popular this brand is? Well, with almost 300k followers on social media, Emma has proved its fame.

Meanwhile, other cool things are also here. In detail, it has gained several prestigious awards, and we know it will continue this year.

More specifically, last year, this brand received the Best Hybrid Mattress and Best Mattress For Couples Awards from Sleepopolis.

In the end, does this little fact make you more interested to learn more? Thankfully, our Emma Mattress review will give you a hand!

Overview Of Emma Mattress

Do you want to hear more interesting stories about this brand? Then, let us tell you that Emma Mattress has started since 2013.

Yup, it means that the company has been in the industry for over 10 years. However, who are the genius people behind this?

Let’s say ‘hi‘ to Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Müller. They are the current CEOs and Founders of this trusted mattress brand.

More specifically, both have the same dream, which is to give a comfortable and painless sleeping experience to all customers.

Thus, they created this company. Fortunately, all mattresses in this store are carefully produced with a lot of experts involved.

Furthermore, this also means that every process is fully backed up by science. Hence, there are only work-proven products here!

Emma Mattress Review

With a decade of experience in producing & selling mattresses, what does this brand to invite more customers to come back?

Emma Mattress Reviews: Emma Mattress Review

Of course, the upgraded products are the key. With a new challenge every day, Emma Mattress shouldn’t always walk in the same path.

Sometimes, they do some refreshments by releasing new products. However, what are the brand’s current product collections?

Emma Mattress Product Collections

So far, those are the current products on the shelf. However, each of them is truly functional, sending you to your sleeping paradise. 

Then, what will we discuss today? Our following product review sections will go with the brand’s best-selling items. Stay tuned!

Emma Original Mattress Reviews

Can we start from the basic one? Yes, we have Emma Original Mattress! Then, let’s see how it suits your current sleeping needs!

Emma Mattress Review: Emma Original Mattress Reviews

First, with this original version, you get 3 layers of pressure-relieving foam and 100+ supporting points for entire body support.

In addition, the mattress also features a breathable cover. Therefore, it regulates moisture well and promotes better airflow.

Meanwhile, this mattress is also not specified for a particular sleeper. Thus, if you’re a hot sleeper/side sleeper, let’s just buy!

Emma Original Mattress Details:

  • Product reviewed: Original Mattress Twin Size
  • Height: 10″
  • Size choices: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King
  • Perfect with: Mattress protector, 2 foam pillows, or 2 premium pillows
  • Free trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

So, let’s feel the most relaxed sensation by lying down on Emma Original Mattress now! Starting from $329, you can bring one home!

Emma Mattress Hybrid Comfort Reviews

Do you want a better-featured product? Then, we suggest you add Mattress Hybrid Comfort to your shopping list! Is it good?

Emma Mattress Review: Emma Mattress Hybrid Comfort Reviews

First, the body’s full support is crucial during sleep. Hence, this mattress prioritizes firmness with genuine 7-Zoned support.

In detail, this feature helps to align your head, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. Thereby, you’ll wake up fresh every morning.

Furthermore, the AIRGOCELL Foam and the UltraDry Cover are also here to keep your sleep cool without any disturbing sweat.

Mattress Hybrid Comfort Details:

  • Product reviewed: Hybrid Comfort Mattress Twin Size
  • Height: 13″
  • Size choices: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King
  • Perfect with: Mattress protector, 2 foam pillows, or 2 premium pillows
  • Free trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Finally, what makes you love Mattress Hybrid Comfort more? We promise your $409 will be 100% worth it if you shop today!

Emma Shift Mattress Reviews

Have you ever seen a mattress that is better than the Emma Shift Mattress (king size)? Read this review well and find out why it’s worth it!

Emma Mattress Review: Emma Shift Mattress Reviews

Anyway, we love its customizable function. In detail, you can freely customize the firmness/softness until it’s perfect for you.

Moreover, the mattress allows you to get different firmness levels on both sides thanks to its individual Smart Valves system.

Next, this Emma Shift mattress also combines advanced air technology with foam for soft cushioning and good firm support.

Emma Shift Mattress (King Size) Details:

    • Product reviewed: Shift Mattress (King Size)
    • Height: 12″
    • Size choices: Twin XL, Queen, and King
    • Perfect with: Old mattress removal
    • Free trial: 365 nights
    • Warranty: 10 years

Have you ever spent $1,429 on a mattress? Therefore, let’s make Emma Shift Mattress (King Size) to be your first one today!

Emma Mattress Pros and Cons

Are you sure to shop from this store? Wait until you read this pros and cons section:


  • Providing complete sleeping properties
  • The brand has made some appearances on many reputable sites
  • Use a safe and non-toxic fiberglass material (good for a sleeper with a bad back)
  • Collecting over 100k reviews
  • Supported by advanced technology and science with numerous industry experts
  • Winning so many incredible awards every year
  • Detailed comparison with other brands
  • Safe and effective shipping (in a box)
  • Free shipping on all US orders with no requirements
  • Free return and exchange 
  • 365 days of free trial
  • Up to 10 years of warranty


  • Some people complaints the dense foam may be too firm
  • Some customers experience delayed services
  • Lower ratings on Trustpilot

Who Is Emma Mattress For?

According to those reviews, we highly recommend this brand to all types of sleepers since the products offer the best comfort level. Also, if you experience back pain or stiffness every morning, let’s replace your old mattress with this.

In addition, we also recommend this store for a customer who has just bought a new house. If you’re looking for the best sleeping properties, Emma can help with its complete products (mattresses, bed stuffs, pillows, and others).

Emma Mattress Review: What Do Customers Think?

Is reading the pros and cons section not enough for you? Then, you should know that this testimonial section also exists.

Emma Mattress Review: Emma Mattress Review: What Do Customers Think?

On the web, it says there have been over 135k reviews from Google, Amazon, and Yotpo. However, what about the ratings?

Then, let’s check the following list:

Next, you shouldn’t miss this review, too:

We bought this double mattress and it arrived on time. The quality is beyond incredible and it completely matches the description. Overall, no complaints.

First, we love to see that this customer is happy with his mattress since the shipping was fast and there was no lack of product quality.

In addition, will you shop after reading this?

I am delighted with my purchase of a sturdy and long-lasting mattress. Honestly, it is worth every penny.

Then, this buyer also shared his good shopping experience due to his mattress turned into a firm and durable one. So, he had no regret!

Next, are you waiting for a review Reddit, too?

We love our mattresses. It’s really comfortable and helped alleviate my back pain within a few days. Also, it’s great for couples because you can move in bed without disturbing your partner. However, when I searched for a topper, I found nothing.

Once a user from Reddit has said so, then what’s more to consider? This user said how good working and functional his mattress is.

Finally, does this testimonial section convince you well to shop in the store? We’re looking forward to your good reviews!

Is Emma Mattress Worth It?

Do you know that Emma Mattress has been featured on several credible sites? Yes, for more information, this brand’s name has made honorable appearances on CBS News, Tom’s Guide, Glowsly, Real Homes, Tuck, and more.

Emma Mattress Review: Is Emma Mattress Worth It?

Therefore, we can confidently say that Emma Mattress is totally worth it. Also, with numerous awards and customer reviews, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to shop for mattresses, bed stuff, pillows, and others in this online store.

Emma Mattress Shipping Policy

On the site we link to, Emma Mattress only ships the products within the 50 states of the US. But do you know what’s better? Of course, you may get free shipping for all orders, with an estimated day to arrive around 2-5 working days after the payment.

Emma Mattress Return Policy

Even better, all return processes are acceptable for any reason, and it’s 100% free. So, are you happy with that? In addition, you should also know about the free trial.

More specifically, the brand offers a 365-day free trial. So, you’ll get a full-year time period to decide whether to return and exchange the mattress or not after using it.

How To Contact Emma Mattress?

Do you have problems with your order, the product’s price, and others? Let’s find them here:

  • Phone number: 1 (855) 580 EMMA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Customer service hours: 08:00 am  to 06:00 pm GMT-6 (weekdays only)
  • Social media/Youtube: Emma Sleep US/emmasleep.us
  • Live chat: Tap the yellow chat bubble on the web

Company Address

1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19801. USA

Where to buy Emma Mattress?

Where to find the Emma Mattress near me?

Of course, you can find it on your phone. Simply, just visit the brand’s official website only on this link. In addition, customers from other countries are also able to get those mattresses.

However, you should visit the web with a specific country domain. Those countries are the UK, Singapore, Australia, India, Philippines, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand (NZ), and other European countries.

Emma Mattress Coupon Codes & Promos

Do you want to find a special sale? Let’s explore this list:

  • Sign up for the brand’s newsletter and get up to 5% OFF your order (get earlier notifications of a coupon code, Black Friday sale, and other offers)
  • Explore the President Sale page on this link and get up to 55% discount
  • Read this Promo Details page to get more offers (an updated discount code may be possible)

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Emma Mattress

Emma Mattress Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Emma Mattress reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Are Emma Mattresses any good?

Yes, all mattress production is backed up by science, involving so many experts in the industry. Moreover, the updated technology is also here to elevate everyone’s sleeping experience.

Why is my Emma Mattress uncomfortable?

We guess these problems are common. Further, it’s because the mattresses from Emma are produced from dense memory foam and other synthetic foams that may be too firm for some people.

Do Emma Mattresses smell?

From some customers, it’s yes. However, the unpleasant odor from the mattress will typically disappear after seven days of placing it in a well-ventilated room.

What is special with Emma Mattress?

In addition to its advanced technology, two layers of memory foam are included for pressure relief and motion isolation. This is what makes shoppers love Emma, especially its original mattress version.

Who makes Emma Mattress?

These mattresses are designed and made by Emma’s manufacturer in Germany.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Emma Mattress Reviews & Ratings

So, who is ready to get out of those nightmares? Thanks to Emma Mattress, we know you are now always excited to welcome your most comfortable sleeping experience every night.

Moreover, from the entire review, we have learned that all mattresses come with unique features and details, preventing any bad thing from happening during your night. In the end, isn’t buying the best and most effective way to prove the quality?


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